söndag 3 juli 2016

Vredens politik

The politics of anger.

Ja, tonen förändras även från ekonomitidningarnas håll. Läste precis denna text i The Economist som en bekant (J M) delade på Facebook: "Their anger is justified. Proponents of globalisation, including this newspaper, must acknowledge that technocrats have made mistakes and ordinary people paid the price. The move to a flawed European currency, a technocratic scheme par excellence, led to stagnation and unemployment and is driving Europe apart. Elaborate financial instruments bamboozled regulators, crashed the world economy and ended up with taxpayer-funded bail-outs of banks, and later on, budget cuts." 

Bra skola, vård, bostäder och liv åt alla är inget flum.

/Döden döden döden 

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